Staying in Guesthouses During Vacations

Sometimes the only way you can enjoy your vacay is to rent a guesthouse. For some, they may have no choice but to do so because they don’t have any local relative to stay with while they’re in the area. Guesthouses are different from hotels in that they lack a full-time staff, although there could be a caretaker.

Most guesthouses are available for rent are owned by families, and some of them live near their guesthouses. Some also buy guesthouses so that they can earn from its rental services — however, those who do make some serious budget planning before they start looking for a property to invest in. Now that we know what guesthouses are, it’s high time to take a look at the benefits of staying in one.

Advantages of Staying in a Guesthouse

Staff Presence Is Limited

I say this is a benefit because sometimes the presence of staff can be annoying. The constant knock on your door could disturb your rest or family activity. For introverts or families that prefer getting things done their way, it’s best if the staff doesn’t always interfere. Once the staff is gone, only then can you enjoy a guesthouse all to your own. Of course, not everyone would see this as an advantage. After all, if there are some repairs needed to be done in, say, the kitchen or bathroom, and the family brought no tools, then they need the staff’s help. If you don’t want distractions, you can always bring your own toolkit when staying inside a guesthouse. Doing so will also give you the responsibility to take care of the residence as if it was your own.


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Pets Are Allowed

Another benefit that should be discussed is that guesthouses allow you to bring pets. Some people can’t enjoy their vacations because they worry about their pets, and yet they can’t bring them because only a few hotels let them in. Fortunately, when you stay in a guesthouse, you can let your pet tag along. You won’t have to worry about how they’re doing because they’re with you.

Fun Activities Have No Limit

The last advantage of staying in a guesthouse while on vacation is that you and your family (or friends) can get as loud as you want, especially if the guesthouse is located outdoors and is far from the other houses. You can have unlimited games, perhaps play the guitar and sing songs around a bonfire, drink till you’re so drunk, and so on. There would be limited rules to follow, and most of them are only about keeping the guesthouse clean and as is before you rented.

Top Reasons to Spend More Time Outdoors in Merthyr Tydfil

Merthyr Tydfil used to be one of the most populated towns in Wales during the iron boom. The area’s population began to dwindle as the area’s many coal mines went out of business. The town once known for its iron industry showcases nature attractions. The place is begging to be explored with so many outdoor activities and enchanting places to see. It sits in a scenic valley with meadows, rivers, and woodlands providing an amazing backdrop to old buildings, ruins, and tramway that are just some of the many sights to see in town.

BikePark Wales

BikePark Wales is a first-rate mountain bike facility that caters to beginners and expert riders alike. It has several trails and features lift assisted trails. Its man-made tracks and natural trails offer the best challenges to suit riders of varied abilities. If you are looking for active adventures surrounded by beautiful scenery then this park would be a great place to visit.

Brecon Mountain Railway

A sightseeing trip onboard a narrow gauge steam train is another way to soak in the beautiful scenery of Merthyr Tydfil. The scenic train ride begins at Pant and pass through Pontsticill and Dol-Y-Gaer and ends in Torpantau. From the observation carriages, you can see the stunning views of Brecon Beacons and catch a glimpse of the Taf Fechan Reservoir. On the trip back, the train stops at Pontsticill where you can spend time exploring the village, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, or visit the museum in the area. Pontsticill is a great place to go for a walk or admire the views near the reservoir. You can stay longer in the area and just take the train back to Pant at a later time.

Cyfarthfa Park & Museum

Cyfarthfa Castle is a popular attraction in the area that features a museum and over a hundred acres of parkland. The castle which now serves as a museum used to be the home of one of the ironmaster families in the area back when the iron works industry was in boom. Cyfarthfa museum and art gallery has an extensive collection of artworks and artifacts. Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art pieces are displayed along with other beautiful collections from around the world. Outside, the castle boasts of spectacular scenery with walking trails perfect for an easy stroll or more moderate treks far deeper into the woodlands.

Parc Taf Bargoed

Parc Taf Bargoed is another outdoor attraction nestled in the Taff Bargoed Valley. This nature park offers a wide array of activities for the community and the visitors who visit it. There are facilities for bicycling, canoeing, horse riding, kayaking, and walking among others.

Taf Fechan

Taf Fechan is a nature reserve that sits near the Taff Trail. This woodland has an amazing array of plants and flowers. The river stretches on and adds to the breathtaking beauty of this reserve’s habitat.