Astonishing Surprises of Outdoor Archery


Let’s explore the outdoors. Archery sets the setting. Do you want to enjoy this fantastic feeling? Do you love being outside and enjoying nature? These questions deserve a resounding yes! To enjoy it more, choose your best companion by checking our Bow Judge recurve bow guide.

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How would you take the idea of going out through the woods and shoot from target to target like Robin Hood? Shooting at varying targets outdoors could be a lot of fun and excitement.

What is Field Archery?

It is a combination of target archery, hiking in the woods, dealing with varying terrains and weather. It also involves shooting in varying lighting conditions. Field archers hike a course and shoot targets at varying distances. They usually shoot in groups of four.

Field Archery at Its Best

How do you spend your sparkling summer days? Spending it indoors is fun but having it outdoors is a lot more fun and adventure. Exciting games bring thrills. Thrills bring the fun. Fun brings a fantastic experience that you will never forget. Archery brings it all!

Archery offers many fantastic opportunities outdoors although some people who are new in this sport have their refreshing start indoors. The experiences indoors will most likely work out as planned, but outdoor archery offers what is unpredictable. Reassuringly, the cool weather, the mix of terrain and the diverse cultures of participants add colour the challenge. The varying distances challenge your optimum shooting skills.

The best-known examples of outdoor archery are the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It has full of surprises for the participants and competitors including all sorts of weather-related challenges and the weird ranges.  All throughout the day, the archers have to maintain enough stamina to sustain the fun and excitement.


Find your outdoor opportunities today and see how it works! Many surprises await you! Aim your arrow and release it and see if it hits your archery goals. Have fun!

Outdoor archery can help promote friendship goals as you interact with your fellow archers sharing thoughts and wisdom. It can also strengthen your form as you shoot at varying distances . It also maximizes your interest for the sport. Best of all, outdoor archery will let you enjoy all its health benefits.

4 Short Trails for Easy Walks in Mayo, Ireland


Located in the west coast of Ireland, Mayo has plenty of breathtaking attractions for outdoor lovers. Its nature attractions provide a perfect setting for adventures and recreational activities. One of the best ways to enjoy the scenic views of the county is to explore it on foot. A leisurely walk along trails surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery is a great way to spend time in the area. Here are some of the best short trails for easy walks in Mayo.

1. Aughaval Killeennacoff Walk

This family-friendly walk takes you along a 5-kilometer trail that courses around Killeenacoff Hill. From the Aughaval Cemetery along the West Road, follow the track along the Owenwee River. The trek uphill offers a breathtaking view of the landscape. The path then goes downhill and leads to a fork. Continue on the right and you will find a bridge that crosses over the river. Keep walking until you arrive at the Killeenacoff village. Stay on the path which takes you past areas where you get a view of Clew Bay. The trail leads back to the Aughaval Cemetery where you started.

2. Belleek Forest Park

Belleek Forest Park is a woodland trail. Here you can walk surrounded by the sounds of nature. The quiet walk is broken with the soothing sounds of the forests. You can hear birds chirping and water flowing. Surrounded by towering trees, you can explore the pathways to see some of the most beautiful flowers to be found in this route. You may also come across some of the wildlife that calls this forest park their home.

3. Erris Head Loop Walk

Erris Head Loop Walk takes you to a 5-kilometer trail with amazing scenery. This route passes through a field and along the cliffs where you can enjoy views of the Danish Cellar, Stags of Broadhaven, and more. You can take the time to rest in the area and simply soak in the sights from the top of the cliff and watch the waters hit land below.

4. Tourmakeady Loop Walk

The Tourmakeady Loop Walk is another 5-kilometer route. This trail takes you along the countryside cutting into the woods where you can marvel at scenery. Watch out for the waterfall and the pond that are among the beautiful sights to see along this trail.

Top Reasons to Spend More Time Outdoors in Merthyr Tydfil

Photo by Pete Chapman
Photo by Pete Chapman

Merthyr Tydfil used to be one of the most populated towns in Wales during the iron boom. The area’s population began to dwindle as the area’s many coal mines went out of business. The town once known for its iron industry showcases nature attractions. The place is begging to be explored with so many outdoor activities and enchanting places to see. It sits in a scenic valley with meadows, rivers, and woodlands providing an amazing backdrop to old buildings, ruins, and tramway that are just some of the many sights to see in town.

BikePark Wales

BikePark Wales is a first-rate mountain bike facility that caters to beginners and expert riders alike. It has several trails and features lift assisted trails. Its man-made tracks and natural trails offer the best challenges to suit riders of varied abilities. If you are looking for active adventures surrounded by beautiful scenery then this park would be a great place to visit.

Brecon Mountain Railway

A sightseeing trip onboard a narrow gauge steam train is another way to soak in the beautiful scenery of Merthyr Tydfil. The scenic train ride begins at Pant and pass through Pontsticill and Dol-Y-Gaer and ends in Torpantau. From the observation carriages, you can see the stunning views of Brecon Beacons and catch a glimpse of the Taf Fechan Reservoir. On the trip back, the train stops at Pontsticill where you can spend time exploring the village, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, or visit the museum in the area. Pontsticill is a great place to go for a walk or admire the views near the reservoir. You can stay longer in the area and just take the train back to Pant at a later time.

Cyfarthfa Park & Museum

Cyfarthfa Castle is a popular attraction in the area that features a museum and over a hundred acres of parkland. The castle which now serves as a museum used to be the home of one of the ironmaster families in the area back when the iron works industry was in boom. Cyfarthfa museum and art gallery has an extensive collection of artworks and artifacts. Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art pieces are displayed along with other beautiful collections from around the world. Outside, the castle boasts of spectacular scenery with walking trails perfect for an easy stroll or more moderate treks far deeper into the woodlands.

Parc Taf Bargoed

Parc Taf Bargoed is another outdoor attraction nestled in the Taff Bargoed Valley. This nature park offers a wide array of activities for the community and the visitors who visit it. There are facilities for bicycling, canoeing, horse riding, kayaking, and walking among others.

Taf Fechan

Taf Fechan is a nature reserve that sits near the Taff Trail. This woodland has an amazing array of plants and flowers. The river stretches on and adds to the breathtaking beauty of this reserve’s habitat.

A Walk in Scenic Merthyr Tydfil

Photo by Perceval
Photo by Perceval

Merthyr Tydfil in Wales is a haven for outdoor lovers. There is a wide range of leisure, recreational, and adventure activities to enjoy. Walking is one of the best ways to explore and admire the scenery. There are several trails to choose from. Some routes are short that stretch to less than three miles while others may require some moderate walking through more rugged trails. Cyfarthfa Castle is an excellent spot for a leisurely stroll or a starting point for long meanders. The castle which was built in the 1800’s used to be a private residence of one of the ironmasters that amassed their fortune back when the iron business was at its peak. It now serves as a as a museum.

Strolling around the Cyfarthfa Castle grounds

Indulge in a relaxing stroll while exploring the grounds of Cyfarthfa Castle. This trail is a great choice for a short walking tour that reveals picturesque views. This route will take you from a tarmac footpath to a bit rougher terrain. Overall, it is an easy trail to navigate with slight inclines and descents. Prepare to be charmed not just by the castle grounds but by meadows and lush trees in the woods where the path leads.

Meandering along the river

Take a walk along the river by taking another trail that starts from the Cyfarthfa Castle grounds. The route which stretches to almost five miles can be more rugged with its more uneven footpaths. This trail takes you from the paths along the river near the castle, across a bridge, and on to the Taff Fechan nature reserve. This scenic route offers more glimpses of verdant forest that is home a wide array of wildlife.

Exploring the Brecon Beacons

Cyfarthfa Castle also serves as a jump-off point for those who want to explore the Brecon Beacons. The route takes you along a path that intersects a portion of the Taff Trail. The paths meander through the woods and meadows passing by the rivers in the area. The moors are also part of the many sights that greet hikers. Over twelve miles long, the trail is not difficult to follow even for less adventurous trekkers.